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08 Nov 2012
I’m off work today which is a nice change of pace. I haven’t taken a day off in a couple of months so I almost forgot what it is like to have off during the week. I don’t have much going on either which makes it even better. I might go see a movie later on because that is something I used to do all the time when I was younger. I am not one of those people that mind going to see a movie by themselves (although my boyfriend usually goes with me, anyway). I mean think about it during the movie you are silent (or should be!) anyways so what is the big deal. The only awkward thing if you want to even call it that is paying for your single ticket or walking in by yourself besides that it is dark in there once the lights go down. I’ll have to check to see if anything is playing that is good otherwise I’m not going just to go.

I do want to do a couple of things online before I go. I want to check out this site to see about ordering the Dish Latino package. I am learning Spanish and think watching TV will really help me out with that. I want to learn it for two reasons. The first is my job as being bilingual will give me more options. I also want to learn it because if you didn’t notice, Spanish is becoming more and more common each year.

I also want to do some online shopping as I need a couple of things. Topping that list is a  new cell phone. I am eligible for a full upgrade and have been for a while but haven’t looked into it yet. I am with Verizon so I should have a lot of options. The one thing I definitely want in a new one is a physical keyboard. The one I had before my current one had one and I miss it. I have big fingers so the touch screen keyboard doesn’t work as well for me. The other thing I want is a new bag for my laptop. I bought a cheap one last time and that is the last time I will do that. I want a nice leather one that is going to last. I am just not sure where to buy one so I’ll have to do a lot of research first.


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